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Ducati Diavel Owners Manual: Electric system

Basic electric items are: headlight: low beam bulb type: 1xh7 blue vision (12v-55w); high beam bulb type: 1xh1 (12v-55w); parking light: led (12v-2.4W).

Electrical controls on handlebars.

Turn indicators: front: led (13.5V-2.9W).


Brake light switches.

Sealed battery, 12v-10 a.

Generator 12v-430w.

Master fuse, protected by a 30a fuse located on the solenoid starter, behind the battery (c, fig. 162).

Starter motor: 12v-0.7 Kw.

Tail light, brake light and rear turn indicators: parking: (13.5V-0.6W); stop: led (13.5V-2.8W); rear turn indicators: led (13.5V-2.06W).

Number plate light: led (13.5V-0.67W).


See "replacing the high and low beam bulbs" on page 158 for relevant instructions.


There are twelve fuses that protect the electric components located inside the front and rear fuse boxes, and one on the electric solenoid starter. There is a spare fuse in every box.

Refer to the table below to identify the circuits protected by the various fuses and their ratings.

The rear left fuse box (a, fig. 160) And the rear right one (b, fig. 161) Are located under the seat, inside the underseat compartment.

To access the fuses, remove the seat (see "removal of the seat" on page 119).

To expose the fuses, lift the box protective cover. Mounting position and ampere capacity are marked on box cover.

Electric system

Electric system

Electric system

Electric system


Remove the left cowling to reach the main fuse (see "charging the battery" on page 148).

The main fuse (c, fig. 162) Is positioned next to the battery, on the solenoid starter (d). Remove the fuse cap (e) to reach it.

A blown fuse is identified by the interrupted centre link (f, fig. 163).


To prevent short circuits, replace the fuse after the key-off.


Never use a fuse with a rating other than specified.

Failure to observe this rule may damage the electric system or even cause fire.

Electric system

Electric system

Injection /electric system diagram key

  1. Right-hand handlebar switch
  2. Immobilizer
  3. Hands free relay
  4. Hands free
  5. Front fuse box
  6. Right fan
  7. Left fan
  8. Fan relay
  9. Fuel pump relay
  10. Ride-by-wire relay (etv)
  11. Injection control unit (ems)
  12. Rear fuse box
  13. Data acquisition/diagnosis
  14. Starter motor
  15. Fused solenoid
  16. Battery
  17. Wiring ground
  18. Regulator
  19. Generator
  20. Fuel pump
  21. Fuel level
  22. Rear right turn indicator
  23. Rear light
  24. Rear left turn indicator
  25. Vehicle control unit (bbs)
  26. Antitheft alarm
  27. Exhaust valve starter motor
  28. Gear sensor
  29. Rear speed sensor
  30. Abs control unit
  31. Throttle twistgrip position sensor (aps)
  32. Starter motor - position sensor / ride-by-wire (tps/etv)
  33. Timing/rpm sensor
  34. Vertical map sensor
  35. Horizontal map sensor
  36. Engine temperature
  37. Air temperature sensor
  38. Vertical lambda sensor
  39. Horizontal lambda sensor
  40. Oil pressure switch
  41. Rear stop
  42. Side stand switch
  43. Clutch switch
  44. Front stop
  45. Main vertical injector
  46. Main horizontal injector
  47. Horizontal coil
  48. Vertical coil
  49. Left-hand handlebar switch
  50. Horn
  51. Front speed sensor
  52. Front left turn indicator
  53. Instrument panel on handlebar
  54. Instrument panel on tank
  55. Front right turn indicator
  56. Navigator
  57. High / low beam
  58. Parking light

Wire colour coding

B blue

W white

V violet

Bk black

Y yellow

R red

Lb light blue

Gr grey

G green

Bn brown

O orange

P pink


The electric system wiring diagram is at the end of this manual.

Scheduled maintenance reminder

Scheduled maintenance reminder

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