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Ducati Diavel Service Manual: Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Ducati Diavel Service Manual / Engine / Flywheel - alternator / Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Use the tool 88713.3367 Fixed to the m10 side stand fixing holes (d).

Secure the tool to the flywheel with the screws (e).

Unscrew the alternator-flywheel retaining nut (15).


While unscrewing the nut, apply axial pressure to the socket to avoid damage or injury in the event of the wrench suddenly slipping off the nut.

Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Remove the nut (15), the washer (16) and the flywheel assembly (v) with the driven gear (21) from the crankshaft.

Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Remove the inner race (19), the needle roller bearing (20) and the washer (18).


Check the race (19), the needle roller bearing (20) and the inner washer (18) for wear. Renew if worn.

Removing the flywheel - generator assembly

Disassembly of the generator cover
Undo the three stator retaining screws (25) and the two retaining screws (9) of the two cable grommet bracket (10) from inside the generator cover. Remove the stator (2) and the cable grommet br ...

Overhaul of the flywheel-alternator assembly
Examine the inner part of alternator rotor (24) for signs of damage. Check that the starter clutch is working properly and that the needle races do not show signs of wear or damage of any kind. If ...

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Reassembly of the crankcase halves
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General safety rules
Carbon monoxide When a maintenance operation must be performed with the engine running, maker sure that the working area is wellventilated. Never run the engine in an enclosed space. Warning Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that can cause unconsciousness or e ...

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