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Ducati Diavel Service Manual: Refitting the tail light

Fit the spacers with collar (3) into the rear vibration dampers (2) located on the gloves compartment (23).


Two spacers (3) must be inserted inside and outside on the right side and two spacers (3) must be inserted inside and outside on the left side.

Refitting the tail light

Insert the split vibration damper (h) on the wiring (g) of the left optical unit (13) and the split vibration damper (h) on the wiring (c) of the right optical unit (1).


The usa version uses red optical units (13) and (1).

Fit the left optical unit (13) and the right optical unit (1) on the compartment (23), inserting their pins (d) and (e) into the vibration dampers (2).

Fit the split vibration dampers (h) into the corresponding holes of the compartment (23).

Refitting the tail light

Fit the washers (14) on the screws (4).

Fix the optical units (13) and (1) to the compartment (23) starting the screws (14).


The screws (14) must be inserted into the internal spacers (3) fitted previously.

Refitting the tail light

Tighten the screws (4) to a torque of 6 nm +/- 10% (sect. 3 - 3, Frame torque settings).

Refitting the tail light

Removal of the tail light
Disconnect the connectors (a) and (b) of the tail lights (1) and (13). Loosen the screws (4) and slide the tail lights (1) and (13) to the rear side; recover the four spacers (3) and the wash ...

Fuel/exhaust system

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Overhaul of the crankcase halves
Carefully examine the engine crankcase halves. Check that the surfaces of the crankcase halves are perfectly flat using a reference surface. Check that the bearings (1) and (18), and the bushings (2) and (17) are in optimum conditions. Note that the main bearings must always be changed in p ...

Changing the brake fluid
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Removal of the gear selector lever
Unscrew and remove the fixing screws (18) and (20) of the complete gear selector lever (21) and collect the spacer (19). Remove the gearchange mechanism complete with the shaft, spring, and stop plate. Important Visually inspect the gear selector claw (14) for wear, particularly aroun ...

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